Subproject 子项目 3

Subproject   子项目   3

Spatio-temporal variation of upwelling and coastal circulation and modes of substance dispersal.

Participating scientists

PD Dr. Thomas Pohlmann (IO-UHH), Dr. Jian Su (IO-UHH), Prof. Dongfeng Xu (SIO)

Project description

So far, the influencing factors of the South China Sea circulation and upwelling have not been fully understood. In this project, the temporal and spatial variability of the coastal circulation east of Hainan will be investigated by means of ship campaigns and supporting model studies. The importance of the different influencing factors, i.e., monsoon, El Nino/Southern Oscillation, western boundary current, upwelling and typhoons will be analysed and their impact on different space and time scales will be assessed.

Basic information about circulation in our Fact Sheet

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