Aquaculture farmer skill-building 水产养殖技术培训

Aquaculture farmer kill-building 

Aquaculture in China has a positive impact on the social and economic development in China. It contributes to poverty alleviation in rural areas and generates national income through international trade

In order to reduce negative impacts from aquaculture, develop sustainable management strategies, and contribute to healthy trade relationship, efforts need thus to be made with farmers, university, and research organizations in China to develop and implement effective outreach and training programmes that meet the knowledge and skill needs of small-scale and commercial farmers. Due to its focus on aquaculture systems, ECOLOC is an ideal partner to meeting those needs by providing relevant research knowledge that promotes sustainable aquaculture practices- in cooperation with relevant universities and research institutes on Hainan.

On July 6th 2019, ZMT and Hainan Ocean and Fishery Research Institute together organized a half-day workshop on aquaculture wastewater treatment technologies which was attended by 70 local aquaculture farmers.

The purpose of this workshop was to increase awareness among local fishermen on the impact of untreated aquaculture wastewater on surrounding ecosystems. Feasible treatment systems that are economically viable to build and operate and maintain were also introduced to reduce or eliminate the environmental impacts of pond based aquaculture production systems.

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