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Poster presentation at the ECSA conference © ZMT Bremen

Poster presentation at the ECSA conference
© ZMT Bremen

  • Herbeck L, Thomsen E, Jennerjahn T, 2018. Aquaculture pond effluents traced through coastal waters using nitrogen and oxygen stable isotope composition of nitrate. ECSA 57, Perth, Australia.
  • Nan X, 2017. Comparative study of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the coral, ambient seaseawater and sediment from Hainan Island, China. European Coral Reef Symposium, Oxford, UK.
  • Thomsen E, Herbeck L, Jennerjahn T, 2017. Seagrass loss as a response to pond aquaculture effluent input in Hainan, China. ECSA, Shanghai, China.
  • Günther F, Jennerjahn T, Fedder B, Wang D, Xu D, Yang F, Jost G, Zhou H, Zhao H, Nordhaus I, Schwarzbauer J, Chen J, Dsikowitzky L, Herbeck L, Labrenz M, Wu R, Pohlmann T, Warneke T, Rixen T, Diao X, Wang Y, Li Y, Tu Z, Luo Z, 2017. Environmental change affecting COastal ecosystems of tropical China during the Anthropocene: Landward vs. OCeanic influence. GeoBremen, Bremen, Germany. [pdf]
  • Herbeck L, Krumme U, Jennerjahn T, 2017. Decadal changes in mangrove and pond aquaculture cover and related ecological and biogeochemical impacts on eastern Hainan, tropical China (1966-2009). IUCN Mangrove Symposium, Bremen, Germany.
  • Drews M, 2016. Effects of eutrophication on potent greenhouse gas emissions at Hainan island. ECSA 56, Bremen, Germany.
  • Huang Y, Dsikowitzky L, Yang F, Schwarzbauer J, 2016. Occurrence and removal of organic pollutants in wastewater treatment plants of the tropical city Haikou, China. EMEC 17, Inverness, Scotland. [pdf]

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