Awareness raising in public 公众科普教育

Awareness raising in Public

The genera public is an important target for knowledge exchange, they are often lack of the access to the best available knowledge in order to understand the problems in China coasts ecosystem and make wise choices. Thus, in collaboration with local partners, ZMT organized a series of public events to raise awareness of the role of the oceans and the importance of conserving and protecting our marine environment among genera public.

On June 4th 2019, collaborating with the Hainan Squirrel School, an environmental education organization, TICAS project organized an awareness raising campaign to educate students about the ocean.  Two interactive marine experiments were designed for 40 secondary students to illustrate ocean density and pH value. On June 7th, 10 students selected from this education campaign were invited to visit a local marine research station. Through incorporating marine experiments into the classroom, we hope to help students learn more about marine features and develop a love of the ocean. Dr. Zhang was also interviewed on local TV news station to further spread the word on these activities.

On June 8th, 2019, together with our local stakeholders, mostly were NGOs, a public event was organize in Haikou Library to celebrate World Oceans Day. This year’s theme was “Gender and Oceans”. The theme focused on exploring the gender dimension of human being’s relation with the ocean and on finding ways to promote gender equality in activities related to oceans.


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