TICAS at glance

TICAS at glance 概览

TICAS is a Sino-Germany collaborative project funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which conducts knowledge exchange between science and society. The overall aim of TICAS is to produce and disseminate knowledge that is required to solve environmental issues of China coasts ecosystem and enhance the connectivity between scientists and non-scientific stakeholders.

Under the overall aim, the specific objectives are as follows:

  • To build new contacts and networks for solving environmental issues of China’s coastal ecosystems;
  • To identify and engage non-scientific stakeholders to promote knowledge exchange between science and society;
  • To identify new research questions through knowledge exchange and network building;
  • To generate new knowledge through capacity building;

The main target groups for this project will include academic partners, practitioners, the public and policy actors in the widest sense. The project will also address their role in identifying new research questions through participatory attendance. 

In order to achieve these objectives, the TICAS project comprises the following work packages (WPs) – running in parallel: 

  • Developing a science-society knowledge exchange concept;
  • Implementing and assessing science-society knowledge exchange interventions;
  • Exchanging scientists and students.

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