TICAS hosting public talk to celebrate World Oceans Day

This Tuesday, June 8, is World Oceans Day. The theme of this year’s World Ocean Day is ‘The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods’, focuses on the importance of sustaining the ocean for all forms of life on Earth.

On this special occasion, supported by TICAS project and its project partners, a public talk event titled ‘Bird and Seagrass, Ocean and You’ was held in Hainan. Our seagrass scientists, Shiquan Chen, from Hainan Academy of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences, and NGO partner, Cheng Cheng, the head of Hainan Bird Watching Society, have given two talks paying a tribute to this year’s theme.

Shiquan Chen presented the whole situation of seagrass ecosystem in Hainan, and emphasized that the importance of seagrass meadows to the health and well-being of the island, as well as the people, communities, flora, and fauna that rely on them.

Cheng Cheng has introduced Huiwen Coastal Wetland, one of the most important costal habitats in Hainan, it is used by thousands of migrating birds to breed, rest, refuel and overwinter. Wetlands are the most productive and highly threatened ecosystems in the world. However, a number of anthropogenic factors associated with rapid population growth and economic development threaten coastal wetlands. At the end, she called for more actions to protect wetlands in Hainan.

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