Subproject 子项目 4

Subproject   子项目   4

The upwelling and cross-shelf exchange of the Northern shelf slope of South China Sea and their ecosystem implications.

Participating scientists

Dr. Dongfeng Xu (SIO), Jianfang Chen (SIO)

Project description

Topic 1: Coupled mesoscale physical-biogeochemical-biological processes for offshelf transport

Effects of air-sea interaction, topographic steering and instability on formation of mesoscale jets and eddies
Submeso-mesoscale processes (upwelling and downwelling)
Transport and retention of nutrients and biota by submeso-mesoscale processes
Spatial variability and temporal evolution of plankton community structures

Topic 2: Biogeochemical processes

Nutrient transport, transformation, recycling and limitation
DOC and POC export, transformation, and age
Transport and mixing of water masses, nutrients and biota

Topic 3: Plankton dynamics

Topic 4: Fishery

Topic 5: Synthesis and modeling

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