Subproject 子项目 8

Subproject   子项目   8

Anthropogenic-induced changes of corals around Hainan Island.

Participating scientists

Prof. Dr. Hongwei Zhao (HNU), Dr. Yan Wang (HNU)

Project description

Environmental toxicology research based on corals (Prof. Dr. Hongwei Zhao):
Corals from Wenchang, Lingshui and Sanya are cultured in laboratories of the HNU. Method are developed to extract proteins from these corals to investigate the impact of environmental toxicology. The extracted proteins can be used for SDS-PAGE and mass spectrometer analyses.  As shown in picture below, the mini SDS-PAGE and 2D SDS-PAGE were run for coral proteins.


Anthropogenic-induced changes of genetic diversity in corals around Hainan Island (Dr. Yan Wang):
Considering the rapid degradation of coral reefs caused by human activity, it is becoming increasingly important to determine the patterns and spatial scales of genetic connectivity and diversity between coral populations. Using the Galaxea fascicularis microsatellite markers and those Porites lutea’s microsatellite loci, we will detect the population structures and genetic connectivities of those two dominating hermatypic coral species in Xisha and among Hainan Island.


Basic information about corals in our Fact Sheet

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