New seagrass conservation project funded

With the support of TICAS project, a new seagrass conservation project has been launched in Hainan since Jan, 2021. This project is funded by Zhilan Foundation, with the aim of protecting seagrass ecosystems in Hainan by promoting the knowledge exchange and collaborations between research institutes (Hainan Academy of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences) and NGOs (Hainan squirrel school, Hainan Bird Watching Society). It will continue conducting seagrass citizen science monitoring, which has been supported by TICAS project since2019. Additionally, it will furfur develop seagrass education program and toolboxes.

TICAS project coordinator, Dr. Jialin Zhang has initiated and coordinated the whole funding application, and will continue supporting and monitoring its implementation. This project offers exciting opportunities to improve mutual learning and practice in knowledge exchange, and further extend the TICAS project impacts, leading to innovation and deepened understandings of environmental issues of Chinese coastal ecosystems.


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