Platform for exchange 数据共享

Platform for exchange 数据共享

On this page you can share interesting links, further literature and so on. Anything that may be interesting for the ECOLOC group.
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23.08.2017: Literature [Marco Drews]

  • Ahn PT, Kroeze C, Bush SR, Mol APJ, 2010. Water pollution by intensive brackish shrimp farming in south-east Vietnam: Causes and options for control. Agricultural Water Management 97, 872-882. [pdf]
  • Ahmed N, Cheung WWL, Thompson S, Glaser M, 2017. Solutions to blue carbon emissions: Shrimp cultivation, mangrove deforestation and climate change in coastal Bangladesh. Marine Policy 82, 68-75. [pdf]
  • Ahmed N, Glaser M, 2016. Coastal aquaculture, mangrove deforestation and blue carbon emissions: Is REDD+ a solution? Marine Policy 66, 58-66. [pdf]
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  • Gräslund S, Bengtsson BE, 2001. Chemicals and biological products used in south-east Asian shrimp farming, and their potential impact on the environment – a review. The Science of the Total Environment 280, 93-131. [pdf]
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17.08.2017: Link to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) [Marco Drews]

21.06.2017: Link to Integration and Application Network [Esther Thomsen]

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