Join us in the UN ocean decade satellite event!

Science and society collaborate for a healthy and resilient ocean in China


Time: 10 March, 9:00 – 11:00 am CET

Please watch the recorded webinar here:

About the event

This online session is part of the UN Ocean Decade Laboratory “A Healthy and Resilient ocean”, which is expected to be held on March 9-11.

With this Satellite Activity , we aim to promote and facilitate more engaged science and public participation programs and initiatives showing the relevance of science-society engagement to a healthy and resilient ocean in China. More specifically, we will explore:

  1. How can we build a strong engaged science to support effective policies and actions?
  2. How can public participation support marine conservation?
  3. How can we tap the power of youth through environmental education?


2021年启动的“联合国海洋科学促进可持续发展国际十年(简称”海洋十年”)系列活动,旨在推动研究并加强国际科学合作,鼓励人们深入了解复杂浩瀚的海洋,找到可持续性更强的海洋资源开发方法。此次活动为第四次实验室 “健康与有韧性的海洋” (A Healthy and Resilient Ocean) 的其中一个卫星活动。


  1. 科学和研究:海洋科研项目如何更加有效的支持保护决策和行动,促进科研与保护的连接?
  2. 公众参与:公众参与如何支持海洋研究与保护?
  3. 环境教育:如何通过环境教育挖掘青年参与者的力量?

Event Agenda 活动日程

Opening Remarks: 9:00-9:10 CET

Session 1: Engaged Science 9:10-9:30 CET

Presentation 1: Experience shared from long-term Sino-German collaboration project.

Presentation 2: Marine cultural service: the spatial and temporal distribution and the implication for its value realization

Session 2: Public Participation 9:30-10:00 CET

Presentation 1: Fishing for litter in Hainan

Presentation 2: Seagrass citizen science monitoring in Hainan

Online exhibition: Art and marine conservation

Session 3: Environmental Education 10:00-10:30 CET

Presentation: Exploration and practice of the concept and system of “public benefit natural education” in coastal wetlands

Panel Discussion: Environmental education and sea turtle conservation

Q&A, Closing Remarks 10:30-10:40 CET
欢迎致辞 16:00-16:10 北京时间
第一部分:科研与行动 16:10-16:30
第二部分:公众参与 16:30-17:00
第三部分: 自然教育 17:00-17:30
在线观众问题回答,结束会议 17:30-17:40

Meet our moderator/speakers/panelists

Dr. Daoru WANG 王道儒

Head of Hainan Academy Ocean and Fishery Sciences


Senior Scientist in Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research

Dr. Jialin ZHANG 张甲林

Project Coordinator in Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research

Prof. Qinhua FANG 方秦华

Professor in Coastal and Ocean Management Institute, Xiamen University

Cheng CHENG 程成

Head of Hainan Bird Watching Society

Haijia CHEN 陈海佳

Ecological Artist in Hainan Culture and Art School

Gao GAO 高高

Head of Hainan Squirrel School

Dr. Yi LIU 刘毅

Head of China Mangrove Conservation Network

Dr. Shuguo LÜ 吕淑果

Scientist in Hainan Academy of Environmental Sciences

Prof. Liu LIN 林柳

Professor in Hainan Normal University

Zexuan MA 马泽轩

Teacher in Haikou Wuyuanhe School

Ting ZHANG 张婷

PhD student in Hainan Normal University

Our organizers 活动组织方

Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research
Hainan Academy Ocean and Fishery Sciences


Coastal and Ocean Management Institute, Xiamen University


Hainan Squirrel School
Hainan Bird Watching Society


Hainan Culture and Art School
China Mangrove Conservation Network


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